PE News


 Kindergarteners, 1st graders and 2nd graders have started working on catching and throwing.  
The performance rubric that Coach Young uses is below.

 Motor Development:
* Throws a ball for distance, using proper form  
* Catches, showing proper form, a gently thrown ball  
* Catches a self-tossed ball


Cognitive Development:  
* Gives examples of underhand and overhand movement patterns            
* Explains key elements of throwing for distance
* Explains that point of release influences direction


Social Development:  
* Cooperates with partner/group  
* Demonstrates courtesy toward others  
* Shares with others


Personal Development:  
* Applies skills to play situations  
* Shows respect for equipment
*Feels successful


Please continue to work with your child in these areas.  
We will be working on rules,  procedures, locomotor skills etc.  
The scores are 0-3, which is a 4 point value.

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