Cross County

Our cross country team had their big county wide meet on Saturday.  They did a fantastic job representing our school!  

Coach Young


5th Grade

Aubrey Reel 17th Place 7:15 minutes

Mackenzie Jones 139th Place 10:13 minutes

Braden Lucas 52nd Place 7:24  Minutes

Ethan Walker 77th Place 7:49 minutes


4th Grade

Tischa Eaves 57th Place 8:13 minutes

Kherington Pharr 75th Place 8:36 minutes

Mackenzie Chandler 129th Place 9:47 minutes

Natalie Horton 152nd Place 10:31 minutes

Fidencia Ortega 176th Place 11:48 minutes

Cannon Rogers 71st Place 7:53 minutes

Brian Ramierez 172nd Place 10:53 minutes


3rd Grade

Nancy Ramirez 161st Place 12:32 minutes

Hunter Rountree 93rd Place 8:23 minutes

Knox Tipton 186th Place 12:28 minutes

Brodie McBryar 193rd Place 13:13 minutes


The team will continue to have meets at Woodland Park Baptist Church on Mondays, and practices on Thursdays.  

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